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Do you remember that the winter Olympic Games in 1998 in Nagano Japan?
It has been twenty one years since the good news for alcoholics (called the simple kit of spiritual tools)  reached here.

We collect information about Alcoholics Anonymous of Nagano.
Such as meeting maps, weekly schedule and special programs.
(But all informations are *unofficial*. No committee or office of AA guarantees correctness of them).

And other themes are:

If you need official information about Alcoholics Anonymous, please refer www.aa.org (General Service Office in New York) Web site or Japanese General Service Office (in Tokyo).
You can also get information of english speaking AA in Japan from www.aatokyo.org Web site.

If you would like to read Japanese language contents of this site, you should install language service pack into your OS.  Please contact Operating System provider (Microsoft/Apple/RedHat/Sun...) in your country.

Or, you may use Japanese to English translation service, such as Excite's (here).

For any suggestions, claims, encouragements, please contact: webmaster@ieji.org
I'll reply with my *poor* English within couple of days (may be).